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Laptop stand

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The ergonofis laptop stand elevates your laptop and features an angled platform to position your head in a perfect ergonomic posture, ultimately preventing and alleviating neck pain. Built with 100% premium solid wood, it’s sure to also elevate the design of any workspace with it's minimalist style. Offered in walnut, cherrywood, and maple to perfectly match your Sway desk.


The laptop stand

100% solid wood

Handmade by our woodworkers

- Laptop Surface: 15" x 8.5"
- Front Base Width: 18"
- Rear Base Width: 20.5"
- Front Height: 3.25"
- Rear Height: 6"
- Depth: 11.5"

- Designed, manufactured, and hand-finished in Montreal

- 1-year warranty
- Learn more about this warranty

- Ships in 3 to 5 days

Solid wood has imperfections and irregularities that will vary from one slab to another, such as knots. This trait is one of the many traits that give solid wood its character and uniqueness. We fill the holes on top of the stand with epoxy to make sure that your stand is even.

Make sure to keep a constant temperature and humidity level, ideally between 18 and 21 ° C and between 45 and 55% for the humidity level. Variations may put your stand under stress, which may result in cracks and curves.

Perfect craftsmanship

Each wooden laptop stand is carefully built by hand in Montreal before going through rigorous quality testing. Each stand features a padding made of natural cork to allow optimal and smooth movements on your worksurface while providing your desk maximum protection.

Unclutter your workspace

An organized desk leads to an organized mind! On top of its ergonomic design, our laptop stand allows you to store diverse accessories under it. That’s we call functionality.

FAQs about the laptop stand

The best way to clean your laptop stand is to gently rub it with a damp rag or towel (not soaked). Don’t use any cleaning products to help to keep the wood finish intact.

Our laptop stand can support up to 80 pounds.

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