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Q: How much weight can the ergonofis desks withstand?

A: Up to 300 pounds and the top weighs on average 40-70 pounds. 


Q: Can very tall or very short people use the desks?

A: Yes, the height adjustment ranges from 23 inches to 48,7 inches, which means anyone under 6 feet 7 can use our desks and find a comfortable ergonomic position. 


Q: How do I adjust the height of the desk?

A: The height is easily adjusted by pressing and holding either the up or down arrow on the interface located in the top of the desk on the lower right side. Each interface can be programmed with 2 ideal heights (1 and 2). To program these heights, raise/lower the desk to your desired height, click on “save” and then on either the “1” or “2”. The height is now programmed and in order to reach that height, all you have to do is press and hold either the “1” or “2” and the desk will automatically go to your programmed height.


Q: How long should I work standing? What’s the best time split between sitting and standing?

A: It varies from person-to-person and it also varies based on your experience. To start, we suggest using a 20/40 split. That means working 20 minutes standing, then sitting for 40 minutes before getting back up for 20 minutes and vice versa. This split will allow you to reap the benefits of alternating between sitting and standing without feeling any discomforts. Once you get used to working standing, you may play with the split and give yourself objectives in order to burn more calories for instance. However, we do not recommend standing for more than an hour at a time. We don’t offer pure standing desk, they’re all adjustable in order to maximise health AND comfort. If you stand for more than an hour, you may start to feel uncomfortable. 


Q: Are your desks eco-friendly?  

A: Yes, for a few reasons:

  1. Our tops come from one of the few renewable resources available, trees.
  2. We only use local wood, which lowers the detrimental effects of transportation from exotic woods.
  3. We use solid wood, which is the least transformed product available.
  4. The solid wood is very durable, which allows our clients to keep their desks much longer than traditional desk with veneered wood or melamine tops.
Q: What are the benefits of using a height adjustable desk?

A: Take a look at our benefits page, we dive into the benefits of alternating as well as the health risks associated with prolonged sitting. Benefits page click here!


Q: How can I clean my ergonofis desk?

A: The best way to clean your height adjustable desk is to gently rub it with a damped piece of rag (not soaked). Don’t use any product to keep the finish of the wood intact.


Q: Can I purchase my ergonofis desk anywhere other than online?

A: Yes, you may shop for your desk in our showroom in Montreal. The address is:

370 Guy Street, suite 218,
Montreal, QC,
H3J 1S6.


Q: Do you ship to the United-States?

A: Yes, we ship everywhere in Canada and in the United-States.


Q: What happens if I lower the desk onto something?

A: All our desks are equipped with an Intelligent system protection (ISP) for collision detection using sensors. If you lower the desk onto an obstacle, the sensors will detect it and automatically stop and reverse direction for about 1⁄2 an inch. The desk will react in the same manner if an obstacle is met while raising. Any change in pressure while raising/lowering the desk will have the same effect. For instance, if the user starts raising his desk and suddenly decides to lean on it while it’s raising, the sensors will detect the change in pressure and automatically stop and reverse direction for about 1⁄2 an inch.


Q: What are your prices?

A: The prices vary from desk to desk depending on the wood chosen as well as the size. All prices are available online by clicking the “shop” tab. Once you select a product, the price will be shown and will adapt automatically as you make changes. Prices vary from 1250$ to 3500$ CAD.


Q: What are the dimensions available?

A: Our standard dimensions are 24” deep X 48” wide or 30” deep by 60 inches wide. The thickness is 1 ¼”. It’s possible to order custom sizes by contacting us at or by phone 514-303-2323.