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FAQs about our products


Q: Are your prices in USD?

A: Yes, all prices on this website ( are in Canadian dollars. For CAD prices, please visit

Q: Shouldn’t I try this product before buying it?

A: We understand the value of seeing and trying products in a traditional store before making a purchase. We want to go above the seeing and touching, we want you to have the freedom of trying our products in the comfort of your home or office, totally risk free for 30 days. We feel like 30 days is plenty for you to determine if the product is perfect for you. If it isn’t, no worries, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase and we’ll even take care of picking up the product directly at your home/office. 

See our return policies for more information.

Q: Is your sit/stand desk hard to install?

A: No, it’s fairly simple. However, we do suggest being two during the installation as the frame and the desk are heavy. Each desk comes with an installation guide and you may also download the PDF version by clicking here (clickable). If you run through any challenges or need assistance, call one of our specialists at 1-877-377-8263, they will gladly help you ;). Also, if you would like someone to install the desk for you, give us a call and we will book the installation with one of our trusted partners.

Q: Does my table top arrive pre-drilled?

A: All of our desktops arrive with the holes already pre-drilled for you, which is normally the longest and most complicated part.

Q: Do you provide wire management with your desks?

A: Yes, we certainly do. The most simple and efficient solution we’ve found so far is to use cable loops and tie-wraps to screw any loose cables directly under the desk top. These come with every one of our sit/stand desks. 

Q: Do you offer custom sizes?

A: Yes, we do. Production delays for custom orders are 10-20 business days. Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-877-377-8263 and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 12 hours (probably more like within 2 hours ;)!

Q: Can very tall people use the desks?

A: Yes, the height adjustment ranges from 23 inches to 48.7 inches, which means anyone under 6 feet 5 can use our desks and find a comfortable ergonomic position. You can work standing, sitting on a chair and also sitting on the floor.  

Q: How do I adjust the height of my sit/stand desk?

A: The height is easily adjusted by pressing and holding either the up or down arrow on the interface located in the top of the desk on the lower right side. Each desk can be programmed with two heights (buttons 1 and 2). To program these heights, raise/lower the desk to your desired height, click on “save” and then on either the “1” or “2”. The height is now programmed. Visit the Resources (clickable) section for the complete user guide.

Q: Are your desks eco-friendly? Where are they made?

A: Yes, for a few reasons:

  • All of tops are built locally in Montreal and Quebec.
  • Our tops come from one of the few renewable resources available, wood*.
  • We use local wood, which lowers the detrimental effects of transportation.
  • We use solid wood, which is the least transformed product available.
  • Solid wood is very durable, which allows our clients to keep their desks much longer than traditional desk with veneered wood or laminate tops.
  • When we ship to Montreal, we do our best to decrease the usage of packaging material. Indeed, we try our best to ship in heavy duty blankets to minimize our carbon footprint. 

*The Shift model is the only one with a laminate top.

Q: How can I clean my ergonofis desk?

A: The best way to clean your adjustable sit/stand desk is to gently rub it with a damped piece of rag or towel (not soaked). Don’t use any cleaning products to keep the finish of the wood intact.

Q: What happens if I lower the desk onto something?

A: All our desks are equipped with an Intelligent system protection (ISP) for collision detection using sensors. If you lower the desk onto an obstacle, the sensors will detect it and automatically stop and reverse direction for about 1⁄2 an inch. The desk will react in the same manner if an obstacle is met while raising. Any change in pressure while raising/lowering the desk will have the same effect. For instance, if the user starts raising his desk and suddenly decides to lean on it while it’s raising, the sensors will detect the change in pressure and automatically stop and reverse direction for about 1⁄2 an inch.

Q: How much weight can the ergonofis desks support?

A: Up to 300 pounds. Our top weighs on average 40-75 pounds. 

Q: I am moving, and was thinking of disassembling the table to make it easier. Can I?

A: Of course, simply make sure that all the different parts are properly stored and that nothing will be damaged when transported individually.



FAQs pertaining to your health

Q: What are the benefits of using a height adjustable desk?

A: Take a look at our benefits page, we dive into the benefits of alternating between sitting and standing as you work as well as the health risks associated with prolonged sitting. Benefits page click here!

Q: How long should I work standing? What’s the best time split between sitting and standing?

A: It varies from person-to-person and it also varies based on your experience. To start, we suggest using a 10/30 split. That means working 10 minutes standing, then sitting for 30 minutes before getting back up for 10 minutes and vice versa. This split will allow you to reap the benefits of alternating between sitting and standing without feeling any discomforts. Once you get used to working standing, you may play with the split and give yourself objectives in order to burn more calories for instance. However, we do not recommend standing or sitting for more than an hour at a time. We don’t offer pure standing desk, they’re all adjustable in order to maximize health AND comfort. 



FAQ about our warranty 

Q: What happens if there’s a problem with my desk while under the warranty?

A: Give us a call at 1-877-377-8263, we’ll figure out the issue with you over the phone and we’ll then send you a replacement part if need be.

Q: What happens if there’s a problem with my desk while and my warranty is over?

A: Give us a call at 1-877-377-8263, we’ll figure out the issue with you over the phone and we’ll then propose a solution that fits your needs. Most components can be switched individually like our handset, the control box, and the wire.


Q: Do you offer a prolonged warranty?

A: Yes, we offer a prolonged warranty to 7 years on all electronic components for $189. The prolonged warranty option can be selected at the time of product selection. Simply select the option ''extended warranty'' below the size option.  

For any additional resources on our warranties, please visit Warranty 



FAQ about shipping and returns


Q: What are my shipping options.

A: Standard shipping: Our shipping partners will contact you to deliver our products at your convenience the moment your product is ready to leave our offices.


Q: I am excited about receiving my table, how long will it take?

A: Our products ship within 5-15 business days. Once your order has been shipped, we’ll send you a tracking number by email. If you need a product to arrive quicker, please inform us at and we’ll do our best to help you. If you order a personalized item, shipping times may vary. 

Note that "Ships within" represents the time estimated for the products to leave our fulfillment center. Most of our shipping partners will take an extra 1 to 4 business days to deliver the products once they leave our fulfillment center. However, that may vary based on location and availabilities.


Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship all across Canada and the United-States. Please visit for shipments to the Canada. For shipping elsewhere please contact us at


Q: Do I need to pay border taxes and fees if I order from the USA?

A: No, you will never have to pay any extra border taxes or fees. We will pay them for you ;)


Q: Do you ship to my doorstep?

A: Yes, we certainly do! In fact, our shipping partners will contact you to schedule the delivery and then bring the desk all the way to your room of choice to make it even easier for you*. A signature is required upon delivery. If the installation is added, our local team will contact you to schedule a delivery and installation date based on your availabilities. 

*in most major cities across Canada and the USA where such a service is available.


Q: Do I need to wait at home for my desk to arrive?

A: No, our shipping partners will contact you to schedule the delivery based on your availabilities*. If you need any help throughout this process, feel free to give us a call at 1 877-377-8263! 

*in most major cities across Canada and the USA where such a service is available. 


Q: What’s your return policy?

A: We’re convinced you’ll love working with our adjustable sit/stand desks, which is why we decided to offer a 30-day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee*. Use your new desk, work on it, play with it, test it, show it to your friends and colleagues… all in the comfort of your home or office for 30 days. If you don’t love it, we’ll take it back and refund 100% of your money. We fully understand that shopping for a desk online is tricky, this policy is our way of allowing you to try our products without risk. We make it even more easy and convenient than trying it in a store!

*Note that the 30-day satisfaction policy is only applicable to our desks and that custom orders or final sale items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Q: What’s the return process?

A: If you decide that your ergonofis adjustable sit/stand desk isn’t right for you, simply contact us by email at and we will arrange a pick up at your address. Please include your invoice number in the email. Upon pickup of the item, provided that the item is in donatable condition, you will be refunded in full in the following days.

*A donatable condition is judged when our returned product has an esthetic and physical state that is considered being sufficiently new to be used by a charity.

Q: What happens with returned products?

A: All returned desks will be donated to charity, second-hand stores or another non-for-profit organizations. We never resell used products.

Q: What if my order gets damaged while in transport?

A: Please inspect the boxes upon reception. If you see any damage to the outer boxes, start by taking pictures before opening them. If the packaging is extensively damaged, do not accept the shipment from the carrier and contact us at 1 877-377-8263 or Please note that the package can be slightly damaged due to handling, it does not however mean that the product has any damage since it is well protected inside the packaging.

If you choose to accept the package and find any damages after opening the boxes, do not worry, we will take care of it. Take pictures of the damaged items and send them to us via email at in the 3 days following the reception. Please include the pictures of the packaging as well. We will then initiate a replacement order in a timely fashion.

Q: What if there is something wrong with the product or my order?

A: If you believe your ergonofis product is incomplete or defective, please consult the "Installation" guide. If the issue still cannot be resolved, please email us at and we will work on a solution with you.



FAQ general


Q: Avez-vous un site français?

A : Oui, vous pouvez avoir accès en cliquant sur l’onglet ‘’Français’’ dans le coin droit de la barre de menu du haut ou en cliquant ici :