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Our mission

Our mission is quite simple, we want to help people enjoy their workdays and, ultimately, inspire them to move a little more every day. Making a difference in people’s lives is what truly matters to us and what drives us to keep innovating.

The ergonofis story

It all started when Samuel, our co-founder, stopped playing hockey and decided to pursue a life long journey of continuous health improvement. Launching his first online business offering remote personal training, he started helping people adopt healthier habits. After noticing that his clients were willing to put themselves through very demanding programs, only to mess it all up by sitting all day long, he decided to change his approach. Keeping the same objective, inspire people to move a little more everyday, he figured he’d have a bigger and better impact by focusing on where we spend most of our lives, in front of the computer. That’s when ergonofis was born, to help people stay active while working.

We plant trees...

We have a vision of a world more connected to nature, that’s why we partnered with One Planted Tree and decided to plant 3 trees for every desk we sell. It's one of our small but important ways of bringing sustainable business practices to the world of office furniture.

Eco-friendly and local

Our tops are the least transformed products available because we use solid wood. This also means that our desks are much more durable than traditional veneered wood or laminate tops. Also, we use local wood species to minimize the detrimental effects of transport.

Our partners